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 Stuff Pictures

 10 Apr 2020

SS Autosport

 86 Regal



Brandon and I at Banked Mattinsville


 Callaway Raceway in N2003



 9 Apr 2020

 77 Latemodel for N2003

 CBR Chassis



 77 Font

 Parker Smith 12 2019



 Part of the Parker Smith fleet.

 Parker Smith 12 2019



 Here is a '79 Hurst Olds

 Tough no?



 SS Auto Logo

 My Car 2006ish or 07ish



1 JUN 2019

 The GMC All Terrain

The GMC All Terrain



 The GMC All Terrain




 5.3 liter V-8

The front of the GMC All Terrain



 Sarah's dad with his big rig.

My dad before retirement.



 1 FEB 2010

 Here is the Z-28.

From the back.



 10 May 2009

 Here is the 442 now days.

 This is the 442 after the new hood.



 16 March 2008

 Here is a look at the Chevy Canal

 It is hard to see but the MV4 just hit an IED in front of EOD's GERV and was almost completely destroyed



 This is the recovery operation of the downed MV4

 This is what I want to be able to enjoy again someday



 14 March 2008

 Here is the buffalo while traveling Chicken Run

 Here is the whole team clearing Rte. Ambush



 This is the feared Chevy Canal



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