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1. Followed By  Great Bass Tester, otherwise sucks.  2:49
2. 2  Only slightly doesn't suck... no it sucks...  2:21
3. Coming Along  New March 16th My Favorite  2:58
4. From Me  New March 11th  3:30
5Finally  Ok...  2:46
6. 6 2020  Sucks...  1:44
7. At It Again  Sucks...  2:52
8. Booger Snots  By FGTeeV Duddy, and Inspired by the same.


9. Now On  New March 11th This ones for my aunt Sandra...  4:39
10. Do You Have To  New March 16th A working model of a song that would be good if I never made it.  3:44
11. Up Stairs  Bass Challenge  3:39
12. Painting The Ceiling  Probably sucky if your stuff don't pound.  3:22
13. Know Where To Run  New March 28th Probably sucky if your stuff don't pound.  3:37
14. A New Feel  New March 28th Probably sucky if your stuff don't pound.  
15. Rehab  New March 30th Probably sucky if your stuff don't pound.  
 Leora's London Bridges  (with Leora Smith)  3:57
 School Lunch Blues  (with Tiffany Torres, Leora, Parker, Blake and Brandon Smith)  3:50
 Funk  (not for kids, it says "I'm just scratching my balls")  1:24
 6 2010    
 Doo Dah  (recorded in Afghanistan)  No Words  
 Full Time  (recorded in Afghanistan)  No Words  
 138 In Progress  (By Adam Zettel - Recorded in Iraq)  
 Anything At All  I Need A Singer For This Song  
 Inside  I Need A Singer For This Song  
 The Next New Thing    
 Superman  (with Parker, Blake and Brandon Smith)  
 Building Up  
 Just Me 09  I had to do it... (not for kids, it says some not kid stuff) (recorded in Iraq) 4:48
 Metal Song   6:26
 Flying Through The Gears   4:02
 Everything Is Fine 09   6:54
 Heaven  By the great band Warrant 4:06
 Another One Bites The Dust  By the great band Queen 3:29
 Return From NTC   5:03
 Lost In Your Eyes  By the before her time Debbie Gibson 3:37
 Glad To Be With You   5:41
 Blow It Out Your Ass   3:57
 No One Is More Professional Than I  
 Step In The Process   3:03
 Feeling Now   3:31
 That's Why   3:55
 Hurry Up   4:59
 Poo Poo   5:03
 If I Didn't Love You Inst   6:32
 A Different Dessert  
 Be With You  This was the first song I wrote when I got back from Iraq 6:37
 Take Me Home (recorded in Iraq) 5:16
 Talkin' Stuff   5:33
 Somethin' To Roll To  I Need A Singer For This Song 5:28
 Wild Thing  I Need A Singer For This Song 3:20
 I Don't Know Her  I Need A Singer For This Song (recorded in Iraq) 6:50
 Last Chance  (recorded in Iraq) 6:38
 I Am So Pretty  This one is for my old Deployed living mate Kent Witte.  (recorded in Iraq) 5:54
 Scene Change  I Need A Singer For This Song 6:50
(recorded in Iraq)
 After Action Review  
 Guitar Yo   0:52
 I Wanna Go Home Blues  (recorded in Iraq) 3:21
 Stare Away   3:46
 Down To The Wire  
 For The Wife  (recorded in Iraq) 2:09
  I'll Miss You  (recorded in Iraq) 4:59
 Love Of My Life Inst  (recorded in Iraq) 5:25
 Broadcast From Baghdad  
 Leaving You Behind  (recorded in Iraq) 3:31
 Surprise  (recorded in Iraq) 3:17
 A New Start  (recorded in Iraq) 4:07
 Coming Home  (recorded in Iraq) 3:09
 Commo Guy  (recorded in Iraq) 5:56
 One More Try  (recorded in Iraq) 3:50
 Just Me  (recorded in Iraq) 4:48
 New Thing To Hate - With Reinvention  
 New Thing To Hate  (recorded in Iraq) 2:06
 New Hampshire  (recorded in Iraq) 2:18
 Hallsexicoville  Drums by Adam Zettel, He's a famous German soccer guy... (recorded in Iraq) 4:44
 Back In The Box  
 Silent Night  (recorded in Iraq) 2:51
 She Sxxt On Me   This was my 1st song ever, written by Jon Reichers and I (recorded in Iraq) 2:55
 Return To The Fight  (recorded in Iraq) 1:50
 Close To Home  (recorded in Iraq) 2:34
 Big Pots  (recorded in Iraq) 3:11
 Remember  (recorded in Iraq) 1:21
 Windy Day   (recorded in Iraq) 2:36
 Clearing Chevy  (recorded in Iraq) 2:45
 Not This Life  (recorded in Iraq) 2:10
 Everything Is Fine  (recorded in Iraq) 2:35
 Rollin' Through  (recorded in Iraq) 3:04
 18 Days Of Leave  
 Hallzexicoville   0:55
 Finally Home   2:41
 Rockin' Around Mexico   2:07
 I Still Know   1:29
 I was Just   0:37
 Crash course   1:43
 Parkey   0:41
 Clown walk   1:20


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