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 Stuff Songs




1. Morning Of 21

 Jan 1st As dumb as expected.


2. The Day After

 Jan 2nd Probably ok if someone else made it.


3. Gangster

 Jan 2nd Re-Lay


4. Cheese Sticks

 Jan 10th (Parker)


5. Next Song Title

 Jan 13th


6. Want The Ground

 Jan 13th


7. Pfft Pfft Pfft

 Jan 13th


8. Darth Supreme

 Jan 13th


9. Ham And Pickles

 Jan 15th (Parker II) Sarah named this one


10. Election Craft

 Jan 15th Why do you bother? This stuff is crap!





1. Followed By

 Great Bass Tester, otherwise sucks.


2. 2

 Only slightly doesn't suck... no it sucks...


3. Coming Along

 March 16th (My Favorite)


4. From Me

 March 11th (My top-5)



 Sucky, this was my first song with the new sounds...


6. 6 2020



7. At It Again

 Sucks... From the middle to the end is cool.


8. Booger Snots

 By FGTeeV Duddy, and Inspired by the same.


9. Now On

 March 11th for aunt Sandra... Updated May 18th.


10. Do You Have To

 March 16th A working model of a song that would be good if I never made it. Coronavirus Theme Song


11. Up Stairs

 Bass Challenge (your weak ass stereo probably can't handle this bad boy who identifies as a bigger boy)


12. Painting The Ceiling

 Bass Challenge 2.


13. Know Where To Run

 March 28th


14. A New Feel

 March 28th


15. Rehab

 March 30th Kind of sucky but kind of not...


16. 19

 April 9th Kind of long but not the longest... Though that's not what she said...


17. Step In

 April 9th Pretty long... or ugly short... But worth a listen sonny...


18. Invisible

 April 2nd Cool Jam.


19. Elsewhere

 April 10th


20. No Place

 April 10th


21. New Fold

 April 11th


22. Tipani 2020

 April 16th (Remake) (The calm before the Covid Cooties) (Tiffany in Korean as per Google, before the big disaster)


23. Alone

 April 14th Not Done...(Corona Warrior)


24. I M Y 2

 April 15th Not Done...


25. Sitting Out

 April 16th Not Done...(The Return of Corona Cooties?)


26. Bad Axx

 April 17th (When she (or he) walks in.)


27. Sarah I Dare Ya

 March 18th (Remake) (2020 Corona-remix)


28. Net Now

 April 14th Probably going platinum or out for breakfast.


29. Put Up

 April 28th


30. Pickup

 April 29th


31. Mean Time

 March 30th


32. One Last

 March 28th Not a song.


33. Second Half

 April 9th


34. Step Too

 April 9th Airy (kind of sucks)


35. My Yarn

 Bass Challenge 3 - Tweet Checker.


36. What Ever

 April 30th With Sarah Smith.


37. No Word

 May 18


38. Me be leave

 May 18


39. Riding Around

 May 19


40. Riding Around 2

 May 19


41. Talk To Me

 May 19 Corona-reset 1.


42. Studio

 May 19 Funky town clown.


43. Bed Time 2 Pt. 1

 May 19 Some guitar work... Hardly working... Hard.


44. Further Review

 May 19


45. It's All Gone

 June 20th


46. Rough Me

 June 20th


47. Ends Beginnings

 June 20th


48. Twenty Too

 June 27h


49. Okay Hang On

 August 3rd After 5 PM Days.


50. Silver Daddy's Favorite Color

 August 9th Leora named this one and did "some" SFX placement.


51. 1323

 August 9th


52. Petrified

 August 9th


53. Mountain Dew

 August 9th Leora named this one too.


54. Oh Yeah Baby

 August 9th Leora named this one three.


55. Much Left

 August 11th (2020 Battle Hymn) A day In a life.


56. Not At All

 August 13th An a life day. Huh?


57. Yup

 August 18th Testing ...8 ...2 ...1 ...0.


58. It's Just Me

 September 3rd Keep going.


59. No F

 September 3rd


60. Mars

 September 3rd


61. Missing Missiles

 September 5th Future Feature Fundamentals.


62. Real Ash

 September 3rd


63. Smoking Gun

 September 3rd


64. Everyone Else

 September 3rd


65. Nights Work

 September 3rd


66. Lazy Queen

 September 5th (Missing Missiles Pt.2)


67. Cook Foods

 September 5th


68. Sunny Water

 September 7th (Corona Warrior Rehabilitation/Civilian Reintegration)


69. Send It

 October 9th


70. Now I See

 October 9th


71. Listen

 October 9th


72. Did Not

 October 9th


73. Doing That

 October 10th


74. Tell You What

 October 10th


75. Egypt Yawn

 October 12th


76. Huh

 October 22nd No good POTUS choices.


77. Series Of These

 October 22nd You better.


78. Not Really

 October 26th Sleepy Joe's ballad.


79. Really Bad

 October 26th No trumpet in this Movie.


80. Funk That

 October 27th Trump's least favorite song.


81. Make You Happy

 October 28th Trump's favorite song.


82. Really On

 October 29th Trump's wife's favorite song and Joe forget.


83. More Than Murder

 October 30th I wouldn't bother.


84. Follow Me For More Crap

 October 31st Crappy Halloween (Corona Virus Revenge Outbreak)


85. Lonely Together

 October 31st I forgot where I parked twice.


86. If I Grow Up

 November 17th Probably won't.


87. Dumpster Riding Toy Mobile

 November 17th Fear the Coronavirus or your the problem (Corona Warrior)


88. ReCrash

 November 17th Dumb.


89. Farting Halloween Fear

 November 17th A simple spook to send to a sober Sarah.


90. Sike And Lubscribe

 November 17th Made the cut not want treatment.


91. I Love You

 November 17th Flip flop Michigan GOP or naw? Song named by Leora.


92. Have You Even Been Outside

 November 17th Singing in my mouth.


93. From Here

 November 17th Corona cooter.


94. Bummin' Livin'

 November 17th Y2k Anvil.


95. Let 2020 Go

 November 17th Re-re-re-make.


96. Smell The Bathroom First

 November 18th Just a heads up.


97. I Miss You 21

 November 18th


98. You Know The Thing

 November 18th Needs more cow bell.


99. Too Many Twos

 November 18th


100. Give Me Five Minutes

 November 19th Song named by Kimberly


101. Eighty Eight Times

 November 19th (Height of all time Corona Warrior 2)


102. Purple Leora's Favorite Color

 November 28th (Corona Warrior 2)


103. My Robot

 December 6th (Not for kids)


104. Lay Down

 December 20th I wouldn't bother unless I wanted a head ache.


105. What Did You Expect

 December 20th Speaks for it's self but songs can't talk.


106. Another Fail

 December 21st I never find the instrument I need to make the suck disappear.


107. Deliver These

 December 22nd Happy Bday SB


108. Gone Gangsta

 December 29th I give...


109. If I Could

 December 30th 0400 hrs. Talent. ...less.


110. Night Before 21

 December 31st Last lame crap for 2020


111. Election Crank

 December 31st Oh sorry, this is the last crap..






 Leora's London Bridges

 (with Leora Smith)


 School Lunch Blues

 (with Tiffany and Kimberly Torres, Leora, Parker, Blake and Brandon Smith)



 (not for kids, it says "I'm just scratching my balls")


 6 2010



 Doo Dah

 (recorded in Afghanistan)  No Words


 Full Time

 (recorded in Afghanistan)  No Words


 138 In Progress

 (By Adam Zettel - Recorded in Iraq)


 Anything At All

 I Need A Singer For This Song



 I Need A Singer For This Song


 The Next New Thing




 (with Parker, Blake and Brandon Smith)





 How Was I Supposed To Know

 Written in Iraq


 Let It Go

 Written in Kuwait on the way home from Iraq


 G C D

 Stupid little thing I did in Iraq





 Sick Call

 Wrote and recorded in the barracks at Fort Stewart GA



 Building Up


 Just Me 09

 I had to do it... (not for kids, it says some not kid stuff) (recorded in Iraq)


 Metal Song



 Flying Through The Gears



 Everything Is Fine 09




 By the great band Warrant


 Another One Bites The Dust

 By the great band Queen


 Return From NTC



 Lost In Your Eyes

 By the before her time Debbie Gibson


 Glad To Be With You



 Blow It Out Your Ass




 No One Is More Professional Than I


 Step In The Process



 Feeling Now

 Our Wedding Song


 That's Why



 Hurry Up



 Poo Poo



 If I Didn't Love You Inst




 A Different Dessert


 Be With You

 This was the first song I wrote when I got back from Iraq


 Take Me Home

 (recorded in Iraq)


 Talkin' Stuff



 Somethin' To Roll To



 Wild Thing



 I Don't Know Her

 (recorded in Iraq) Dream Inspired


 Last Chance

 (recorded in Iraq)


 I Am So Pretty

 This one is for my old Deployed living mate Kent Witte.  (recorded in Iraq)


 Scene Change

 (recorded in Iraq)



 After Action Review


 Guitar Yo



 I Wanna Go Home Blues

 (recorded in Iraq)


 Stare Away




 Down To The Wire


 For The Wife

 (recorded in Iraq)


 I'll Miss You



 Love Of My Life Inst

 (recorded in Iraq)



 Broadcast From Baghdad


 Leaving You Behind

 (recorded in Iraq)



 (recorded in Iraq)


 A New Start

 (recorded in Iraq)


 Coming Home

 (recorded in Iraq)


 Commo Guy

 (recorded in Iraq)


 One More Try

 (recorded in Iraq)


 Just Me

 (recorded in Iraq)



 New Thing To Hate - With Reinvention


 New Thing To Hate

 (recorded in Iraq)


 New Hampshire

 (recorded in Iraq) For David Stelmat



 Drums by Adam Zettel, a famous German soccer guy... (recorded in Iraq)




 Back In The Box


 Silent Night

 (recorded in Iraq)


 She Sxxt On Me

 This was my 1st song ever, written by Jon Reichers and I (recorded in Iraq)


 Return To The Fight

 (recorded in Iraq)


 Close To Home

 (recorded in Iraq)


 Big Pots

 (recorded in Iraq)



 (recorded in Iraq)


 Windy Day 

 (recorded in Iraq)


 Clearing Chevy

 (recorded in Iraq)


 Not This Life

 (recorded in Iraq)


 Everything Is Fine

 (recorded in Iraq)


 Rollin' Through

 (recorded in Iraq)



 18 Days Of Leave





 Finally Home



 Rockin' Around Mexico



 I Still Know



 I was Just



 Crash course






 Clown walk





2020 SS

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