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 2020 Updates - New Songs


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 Best Songs


 Coming Along  March 16th (My favorite) for Tiffany... If your in a car with a good stereo then your welcome...
 It's All Gone  June 20th (Protest Riot.) Try not to cry ladies and gentle dudes.
 Okay Hang On  August 3rd After 5 PM Days
 Much Left  August 11th (2020 Battle Hymn) A day In a life.
 Do You Have To  March 16th Coronavirus Theme Song. A working model of a song that would be good if I never made it.
 Sunny Water  September 7th (Corona Warrior Rehabilitation/Civilian Reintegration)
 Alone  April 14th Not Done...(Corona Warrior)
 Net Now  April 14th Probably going platinum or out for breakfast.
 Bad Axx  April 17th Not Done...(When she (or he) walks in.)
 From Me  March 16th Some real G Shiz Triple O.G., D. O. Double G.
 Oh Yeah Baby  June 27th Leora named this one three.
 School Lunch Blues  With Tiffany Torres, Kimberly, Torres, Parker Smith, Blake Smith, and Leora Smith. At least.
 Leora's London Bridges  With Leora Smith.
 Invisible  April 2nd Cool Jam (Coronavirus Recovery)
 Twenty Too  June 27th re-run (Coronavirus All Clear... Right? no?)
 New Fold  April 11th Nothing to say, just pounds...
 19  April 9th for Sarah... Kind of long but not the longest... Although that is not what she said...
 Elsewhere  April 10th (Coronavirus Free) Sounds all electro cowboy..
 Pickup  April 29th Fake News, Fake Folks. (For bass)
 Booger Snots  By my boy (and your boy oddly enough) FGTeeV Duddy, if you don't know by now you don't have kids.

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 New Unfinished Songs


 In Days  August 13th
 Yup  August 18th
 Not At All  August 13th
 Rough Me  May 27th
 Further Review  May 19th Little jam.
 Look At Breath  June 27th Throw together. The middle to the end is the best part.
 Never Always Right  June 27th
 No Word  May 18th
 Me be leave  May 18th
 Studio  May 19th Funky town clown
 Bed Time 2 Pt. 1  May 19th Some guitar work... Hardly working... Hard.

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 Old Stuff

 (From the original site (made in 2008 in Iraq).

 Heya, I can give you stuff here...

 I will upload my songs and stuff here so you can listen to them when ever you want to. Either click on them to open them in Windows Media Player or right click the link and select "Save As" then save it where ever you want it and you can open it from there. For pics and all that, you know how to do all that so I hope this is helpful. Oh, and to get the songs go to the "Downloads" page.




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