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 Over All Highlights


 Coming Along

 (My Favorite)

 If I Could  0400 hrs. Talent. ...less. (Corona Warrior)
 Sunny Water  (Corona Warrior Rehabilitation/Civilian Reintegration)
 Missing Missiles  Future Feature Fundamentals.

 It's All Gone


 Election Crank  The last crap of the year..

 Do You Have Two

 A working model of a song that would be good if I never made it. Coronavirus Theme Song

 Okay Hang On

 After 5 PM Days

 What Did You Expect  Speaks for it's self but songs can't talk.
 From Here  Corona cooter.
 If I Grow Up  Probably won't.


 Cool Jam

 Really On  Trump's wife's favorite song and Joe forgot.

 Twenty Too


 Not Really  Sleepy Joe's ballad.
 Did Not  
 Much Left  (2020 Battle Hymn) A day In a life.
 Oh Yeah Baby  Leora named this one three.

 2021 Highlights


1. Morning Of 21

 Jan 1 This song is a good intro type Jam not a "add to your playlist" type. Otherwise, As dumb as expected.

2. The Day After

 Jan 2nd Probably ok if someone else made it.

4. Cheese Sticks

 Jan 10th (Parker)

13. You Took It All

 Jan 30th (2021 Version) I wonder why poop smells bad.


 2020 Highlights


3. Coming Along

 March 16th (My Favorite)

4. From Me

 March 11th (My top-5)

8. Booger Snots

 By FGTeeV Duddy, and Inspired by the same.

9. Now On

 March 11th for aunt Sandra... Updated May 18th

10. Do You Have To

 March 16th A working model of a song that would be good if I never made it. Coronavirus Theme Song

16. 19

 April 9th Kind of long but not the longest... Though that is in fact not what she said...

18. Invisible

 April 2nd Cool Jam

19. Elsewhere

 April 10th - Skip

21. New Fold

 April 11th - Skip

23. Alone

 April 14th Not Done...(Corona Warrior) - Pass

26. Bad Axx

 April 17th (When she (or he) walks in.)

28. Net Now

 April 14th Probably going platinum or out for breakfast.

29. Put Up

 April 28th

30. Pickup

 April 29th

31. Mean Time

 March 30th

33. Second Half

 April 9th

35. My Yarn

 Bass Challenge 3 - Tweet Checker

45. It's All Gone

 June 20th

46. Rough Me

 June 20th

47. Ends Beginnings

 June 20th

48. Twenty Too

 June 27h

49. Okay Hang On

 August 3rd After 5 PM Days

51. 1323

 August 9th

54. Oh Yeah Baby

 August 9th Leora named this one three.

55. Much Left

 August 11th (2020 Battle Hymn) A day In a life.

56. Not At All

 August 13th An a life day. Huh?

58. It's Just Me

 September 3rd Keep going

60. Mars

 September 3rd

61. Missing Missiles

 September 5th Future Feature Fundamentals.

62. Real Ash

 September 3rd

63. Smoking Gun

 September 3rd

68. Sunny Water

 September 7th (Corona Warrior Rehabilitation/Civilian Reintegration)

69. Send It

 October 9th

72. Did Not

 October 9th

77. Series Of These

 October 22nd You better

81. Make You Happy

 October 28th Trump's favorite song

82. Really On

 October 29th Trump's wife's favorite song and Joe forget

84. Follow Me For More Crap

 October 31st  Crappy Halloween (Corona Virus Revenge Outbreak)

85. Lonely Together

 October 31st I forgot where I parked once

86. If I Grow Up

 November 17th Probably won't

87. Dumpster Riding Toy Mobile  November 17th Fear the Coronavirus or your the problem (Corona Warrior)
109. If I Could  December 30th 0400 hrs. Talent. ...less. (Corona Warrior)
111. Election Crank  December 31st The last crap of the year..

 2019 Highlights


 Leora's London Bridges

 (with Leora Smith)

 School Lunch Blues

 (with Tiffany and Kimberly Torres, Leora, Parker, Blake and Brandon Smith)


 (with Parker, Blake and Brandon Smith)


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 Old Stuff

 (From the original site (made in 2008 in Iraq).

 Heya, I can give you stuff here...

 I will upload my songs and stuff here so you can listen to them when ever you want to. Either click on them to open them in Windows Media Player or right click the link and select "Save As" then save it where ever you want it and you can open it from there. For pics and all that, you know how to do all that so I hope this is helpful. Oh, and to get the songs go to the "Downloads" page.




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