So here is all the stuff I have for N2003 some is good and a lot of time was spent, other stuff is crap...



  Wanna see the 3 wheel racing around Callaway 2007? Push play below... If your can't see the video below you can click here to open the video


 ACD Setups

  Here is some Expert setups converted into .acd.




 Hi Res Sky installer

  I didn't make them I just put them in an installer so you don't have to do it all manually. Here is a line from the read me file that came with the download.

 "Special thanks to Hudson Kerr for original sky texture, formatted by Islandiver from SimRacingDesign.com to work with NR03."

 These folks deserve the credit for this nice update.




 Compiled Game Updates

  This download is a compilation of updates all over the web for N2003 put in to a handy installer. Enjoy and thanks to the folks that spent the time to make the updates.




 No CD Installer 

  I put this in an installer that also puts a copy of the original NR2003.exe in a folder also so you can switch back and forth if you need to by copy and pasting the proper .exe in the main N2003 folder. The Nr2003.eXe is the no cd version, and NR2003.exe that is in the "Original Exe" folder is the.... wait for it... original version.






 Check out Blake Smith and I at Banked Martinsville.

 Click to enlarge.



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Next Track: Coming Someday

Callaway Race Park 2013

  This is a 1/2 mile short track made to attempt racing on three wheels. It has been totally redone. Bigger pit road adds 5 more cars to the field so now 21 cars can race. I experimented with some tso's trying to get car tso's to move with a car.pth file. The goal is to have the moving cars look like they are driving on a near by highway. The gate in turn 1 has been rebuilt and now have a thinner gate and removed the fence from the top of the gate door. You can now hook the wall if you get too close to the gate. Some new billboards, some new mips, and a totally rewritten track.ini.


New Track: 16 July 2012

Banked New Hampshire
  Almost complete in the "banked tracks series" Banked New Hampshire is a lot more fun than I thought it would be, there are a plethora of racing lines to race with your homeys. 



New Track: 13 July 2012

Banked Nazareth and original Nazareth

   I always liked Nazareth but I hate racing old converted tracks so I just took the Dave Noonan converted version and added new mips for asphalt, grass, and paint and such then I just put random tso's (track side objects) around the track to be able to get rid of the original low res tso's but still have a track that doesn't seem bare.

  This version has three grips asphalt, concrete and paint. This track falls in to the "Different Tracks" category because of the multiple lines, easy to race characteristics. The other one of course is banked. The banking is not so much that it is flat out either, that's what Columbia Super Speedway is for. This track is a beez neez on the rear tires in sim and as you should know by now I race in acd mode so it is more finely tuned to that because I am more familiar with that style.
  As I always say the credit should go to Papyrus, and on this one Dave Noonan too. all I did was anything they didn't. Oh hey and also the c_light.3do I got from another track and I really like the modern look so I used them and will likely continue to use them on future tracks. I can't remember which track they came from and I spent 2 hours starting races at different tracks trying to find it again with no luck, so who ever made them and from what ever track let me know and I'll fix this read me to reflect your props, you da man.


New Track: 28 June 2012

Moberly Dirt "24 Raceway"

  This is a real track from Moberly, Missouri. I had this finished a long time ago and never released it. I used to race stock cars at this track and this is a pretty accurate model of 24 Raceway in Moberly, MO. This track shows up in your game as 24 Raceway Dirt.


New Track: 27 June 2012

Fulton Dirt 2009

  This is a real track from Fulton, Missouri. I had this finished a long time ago and never released it. The pit road is Jakey But I was not worrying about the pits I was much more worried about the track being correct. The pits in this track are out where the parking lot is at the real track, the pit out is in the correct place though.


Update: 27 June 2012

N4 & N2002 Cup Mods Available

  Just head over to the Mods page and grab them both.


New Car Files: 24 June 2012

ssaamm77's cup car set
  This is for those who want to see my car in the game.