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Gary Wilson - #11 B-Modified driver from Holliday, MO


Region Medical Equipment, Paris; Ken's Fast Lube, Mexico; KJ's Quick Lube, Moberly; Swin Assurance Production (Guy and Sandy Callison, Holliday; Paris Sign Co/Gary Tawney, Paris; Wilson's Hot Rod Shop, Holliday


  After working on late models and later modifieds for years for drivers Dick Bloomfield, Terry Gallaher, Dalton Walker and Brad Callison, I finally decided to try driving myself and began racing a hornet when Moberly was converted to asphalt. What a surprise when I won the very first race I was in!! That was in the car that, later everyone came to recognize as the Rent-A-Racer. I built a new hornet for the 2003 season and had pretty good success with it -- that car is now the #3 for Rob Chase. I wanted to give driving a modified a try and purchased a Harris chassis to begin the 2004 season. That car was destroyed in a crash in early June. We bought a Victory Chassis and have been really pleased with this car and how it responds to my driving style and changes I make on it.


My wife, Diane, and all the guys who park around us at the track. They are a good group of people.

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